On 1st April, 1898 two Districts of formerly known as the South Lushai Hills, a part of Bengal, and the North Lushai Hills, a part of Assam were merged into one District, the Lushai Hills as a part of Assam. It was headed by the Superintendent. Mizoram (Lushai Hills) was the only District in the whole of British India where the head of the District was not known by the commonly accepted designation of the Collector in most parts of the country, the Deputy Commissioner in the districts of Assam or the Political Officer in some of the frontier tracts.

The DC Aizawl has got multifarious functions and routine works of the Office fall under following descriptions viz : General Administration, Maintenance of Law & Order, Administration of Justice, District Planning & Development Implementation, Relief & Rehabilitation, Revenue Administration in the District, preparation of Electoral Rolls and conduct of Elections, Co-ordination of Departmental Programme, enforcement of Inner Line Regulations, Protocol, Celebration of important Days and implementation of MPLADS. The original structure, being divided into various Branches, each Branch has its own responsibilities. This office, being the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Aizawl is headed by the Deputy Commissioner, Aizawl who supervises and controls the entire functioning of the various Branches in the office.

  1. Our mission is to provide a committed and accountable district administration for the people.
  2. Our vision is to provide the following:
  3. 1. Maintenance of peace and tranquillity in the district
  4. 2. Enforcement of the law of the land
  5. 3. Proper coordination between different government departments as well as with the people, NGOs, religious bodies and other stake holders.